Is Herbalife Plant Based?

Is Herbalife dairy free?

Formula 1 Allergen-Free protein shake is a perfect nutritional solution for those with common food allergies, as it is soy, dairy and gluten free.

It also contains 20 vitamins and minerals, and has nine grams of non-GMO protein from rice, pea and sesame sources and over two servings of fruits and vegetables..

What is Herbalife made out of?

Herbalife meal replacement shakes are made with highly processed ingredients, such as protein isolates, sugars, gums, fibers, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, and emulsifiers (1). They also contain a variety of added vitamins and minerals to make up for the nutrients these processed ingredients lack.

Are Herbalife products vegan?

Although Herbalife Nutrition doesn’t have an official position on veganism, our Worldwide Scientific Affairs team has articulated our stance on plant protein as part of a balanced diet in our Global Nutrition Philosophy white paper: “There may be some benefits in consuming plant-based protein versus animal proteins.

Is Herbalife products plant based?

At the core of our Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy is our Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake, which is powered by protein and more specifically, sustainable plant-based protein. We are proud to be a major consumer of soy protein isolate and other plant-based proteins.