Question: Is YouTube A Reliable Source Of Information?

What is your source of information?

An Information Source is a source of information for somebody, i.e.

anything that might informs a person about something on provide knowledge to somebody.

Information sources may be observations, people speeches, documents, pictures, organizations etc..

What are the three sources of information?

In general, there are three types of resources or sources of information: primary, secondary, and tertiary. It is important to understand these types and to know what type is appropriate for your coursework prior to searching for information.

What is a reliable source of information?

A reliable source is one that provides a thorough, well-reasoned theory, argument, discussion, etc. based on strong evidence. Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles or books -written by researchers for students and researchers. Original research, extensive bibliography.

Is YouTube a scholarly source?

Peer reviewed articles are scholarly articles that have undergone a review process by other experts in the field before being published (hence – reviewed by their peers). magazines, newspapers, books, websites, Youtube, trade journals etc.,. written or produced for a general audience and informal in tone and scope.

Is the Internet a reliable source of information?

#1 There is no quality assurance when it comes to information found on the Internet: Anyone can post anything. #2 In most cases, information found on the web has not been checked for accuracy.

How do you know if a video on YouTube is reliable?

How to verify YouTube videos1). Download a copy of the video to preserve it for yourself.2). Identify the original source and the content.3). Verify the original source of the video.4). Confirm that the video shows what it purports to show by confirming its location.5). Verify the date.6).

What is the most trusted source of information?

Credible ReferencesElectronic Text Cente.Encyclopaedia Britannica Online.Free Internet Encyclopedia.How Stuff Works.Merriam-Webster Online.Online Books Book Encyclopedia.More items…

How do you know if information is accurate?

Compare the information provided by your source with other reliable sources to verify accuracy. Check facts and data provided in an Internet source with information from trusted sources, such as government agencies and universities. Look for a complete and comprehensive presentation of data and facts.

What is scholarly knowledge?

The definition of scholarly is something known to have a lot of knowledge or to be accurate, or someone that learns all the time. An example of something scholarly is an eloquent book about a difficult subject; scholarly book.

What is the most reliable source of information?

Academic journal articles are probably the most reliable source of current thinking in your field. To be the most reliable they need to be peer reviewed. This means that other academics have read them before publication and checked that they are making claims that are backed up by their evidence.

Why YouTube is not a reliable source?

YouTube: YouTube and other video-sharing sites are generally not considered reliable sources because anyone can create or manipulate a video clip and upload without editorial oversight, just as with a self-published website. … Videos may also be used as a convenience link for material originally published elsewhere.

How do you know if a video is credible?

While videos are not likely to be peer reviewed, they can be scholarly. Here are some quick things to check: If there are author names associated with the video, can you investigate to find out if they are experts in the field? Use our library to find out if they have published articles or books on this topic.

Why Internet is the best source of information?

Internet readers have the opportunity to share their thoughts on a subject as freely as they can. … In addition, there are many social networks on the internet too that can serve as sources of news. The diversity of news sources thus makes the internet a more reliable source of news and information (Seught, 2011).