Question: What Is Cinderella Solution Tea?

What is the Cinderella program?

The Cinderella Solution is a program that is designed to help women reduce weight in 28 days.

The program process will require a combination of different types of foods, which can be combined with a low impact workout to achieve the targeted goal of weight loss and fat reduction in women..

Does the Cinderella solution work for weight loss?

Cinderella Solution by Carly Donovan is an effective way to lose that body fat by following two simple steps. … This weight loss program has been designed especially for women; keeping in mind the number of hormonal changes a woman undergoes, to work in sync with their body type and functioning.

What is the Cinderella solution for weight loss?

The Cinderella Solution focuses on delivering “Shoku-iku” flavor-pairing rituals that supposedly hit the “reset switch” so that three essential hormones induce fat burnings. Besides flavor-pairing, this proclaimed weight loss ritual focuses on food coupling, nutrient timing, and movement sequencing.

How is Cinderella weight calculated?

It also requires a bit of math: To calculate your Cinderella weight, you’d have to measure your height in meters, square it, then multiply it by 18.

What is food pairing for weight loss?

Salmon and Sweet Potato. Fish is often called “brain food,” but it’s also good for your waist. Its omega-3 fats may help you lose body fat, and salmon is a top source. Plus, one 3-ounce serving packs in 17 grams of protein.

Does the Cinderella solution really work?

The information it provides on macro nutrition is helpful, but most women have different caloric requirements to follow. The Cinderella Solution isn’t as effective in this situation. Then there is the commitment that you must make to the program to have it work. You won’t lose weight magically.

Is the Cinderella solution safe?

It is 100% safe. The Cinderella Solution comes from a scientifically proven form of Japanese nutrition. Also, Carly Donovan used specialist scientists to conduct thorough research before offering it. However, as with most diets, it’s best to run it past your doctor first.

What foods melt away belly fat?

Eight Delicious Foods That Help Fight Belly FatBelly Fat-Fighting Foods.Avocados.Bananas.Yogurt.Berries.Chocolate Skim Milk.Green Tea.Citrus. Supermarket shocker: Vitamin C in colorful produce, like oranges and red peppers can help you zap up to 30 percent more fat during exercise, research from Arizona State University at Mesa suggests.More items…•

What is Flavour pairing for weight loss?

A heavy fruit like banana with a low-calorie veggie like spinach is said to be a great combination for weight loss. Spinach helps you burn more fat. Oatmeal with berries is a great combination for people who have a sweet tooth and want to lose weight.