Quick Answer: What Fruit Trees Grow In Washington State?

What vegetables grow best in Washington State?

The following vegetables can be planted in summer or early fall for winter and early spring harvest.BEANS.

Plant Bush beans until late July to produce a good crop before frost.


Beets can be planted until August 1 and produce a dependable crop.






CAULIFLOWER.More items…•.

Why do apples grow well in Washington?

Washington grows more apples than any other U.S. state. With its nutrient-rich soil, arid climate, plentiful water and advanced growing practices, Washington’s lush apple orchards have been lovingly tended by multiple generations of family farms.

What are the best fruit trees to grow in Washington state?

Recommended Fruit Trees for the Puget SoundAPPLES. Zestar. Sunrise. Silken. … SCAB-IMMUNE APPLES. Pristine. Williams’ Pride. Prima. … PEARS. Stuttgarter Gieshirltle. Clapp’s Favorite/Red Clapp’s. Orcas. … ASIAN PEARS (NASHI) Hamese. Shinseiki. Kosui. … PEACHES. Harken. Redhaven. Starfire. … NECTARINES. Hardired.PLUMS. Methley. Beauty. Shiro. … CHERRIES. Early Burlat. Hartland. BlackGold [SF]More items…

What type of fruit trees grow best in Seattle?

While “fruit tree” is a large and diverse category, most fruit trees planted in Seattle-area backyards are apples, plums and pears. Even within this limited category, the harvest season can span four months.

What fruits grow in the Pacific Northwest?

What Can I Grow in the Pacific Northwest?Blueberries.Lingonberries.Cranberries.Strawberries.Raspberries.Blackberries.Boysenberries.Loganberries.More items…•

Can lemon trees grow in Washington state?

Fo r most of the country, your new citrus plants will best be grown in a container. … If you live above zone Sb, or if frost is even a remote possibility, you will want to grow your citrus trees in a container and bring them indoors during the winter.